Pakenham Spiritualist Centre

Mediumship Reading, Spiritual Talks, Meditation, Healing

About Pakenham Spiritualist Centre

Pakenham Spiritualist Centre is a “One Light Federation” Spiritualist Church

Our Sunday Services are held every second Sunday, commencing at 3:00pm at the "Officer Community Hall"


At Pakenham Spiritualist Centre, we are deeply committed and passionate about providing a quality service that inspires the embracing and empowering of the Divine Love and Light Within.



About Rev. Pananda DonnaRae Kohlman

Rev. Pananda DonnaRae is a deep trance channeller, mental and physical medium /
psychic and healer.  She has been working within the holistic and spiritual fields for
over 30 years.


She is a Medium, Channeller and Healer; who is also qualified as a Reiki-Seichem Master,
a Zenith Master Practitioner, and Spiritual Healer, having also had training in several other metaphysical and healing modalities. She has led many Spiritual Development Circles,


  • As a Medium, she is professional and empathetic in providing communications from loved ones who are on “the other side”.

  • As a trance channeller, she can set her conscious-self aside and allow another being or energy, a non-physical or spiritual being to speak through her.

  • As a healer, she uses this link to higher knowledge, to direct and guide her in what therapy to use and how to use it for maximum benefit for her clients.




Rev. Pananda: 0417 714 093

Officer Public Hall

16-18 Tivendale Road,

Officer Vic 3809